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You can only do so much with poor tools. This kit gives you the tools that pro's used to evaluate the polymers. If you've been to the Centrifuges School, you know that all of those buzz words the polymer vendor uses are impossible to prove.  Next time, as you vendor how do you measure Molecular weight, Cationic Strength, Active content, Cross linking.  The answer will be you can't.  So what are you buying?   

Your buying a polymer just like the polymer you field tested.

When it doesn't work so well, how do you determine if the problem is the sludge or the polymer?  You do a jar test!  It's not hard, but you have to assemble the tools, and settle on a testing method.  Here it is in one easy to use package.

 The method is quite simple.  Use the syringe to inject polymer solution into a sample of the sludge in the same ratio as is going into the centrifuge (or whatever).  Pour back and forth between two beakers 12 times to develop the floc, and dump the flocculated sludge into the funnel.  The screen retains the solids, and the free liquid drains into the beaker on the scale.  After a minute or two, read the weight of the free water on the scale.  In general, the more free water that drains off, the better the polymer reacts with the sludge. 

 The 45 page illustrated instruction book gives you step by stem directions in making up test samples, and comparing the results.      

Kit Contents
Number Description

250 ml graduated Plastic Beakers

2 30 cc syringes
2  20 cc syringes
1    Iron Ring Stand
1 Electronic scale, 200 gm capacity, with electronic tare, and automatic shut off to save batteries.

Custom made filter funnel, with permanent heavy duty media, and clear cylindrical section


         The  complete cost is $215,
including shipping in the USA.

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