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Resume of Peter L. LaMontagne P.E.


Peter is an independent consultant for centrifuges since 2001 with no ties to manufactures, repair shops.  His focus is on supporting design engineers in centrifuge matters, Operator Training Programs, plant optimization and cost reduction, and application engineering for centrifuges. He advises plants on polymer evaluation and contracts, contracting out centrifuge maintenance, and auditing the residuals area.  He is a Sponsor of wastewater certification courses in numerous states. A specialty course is Centrifuge Design and Operation, for those with a more technical interest.

Other work includes advising municipalities on selling surplus centrifuges, upgrading existing centrifuges, polymer evaluation and quality control.  Several engineering firms use his services to advise them on contracts involving design, installation, procurement and startup of new centrifuges.

Mr. LaMontagne writes extensively on wastewater topics, especially centrifuges, controls and automation, and is active in the Water Environment Federation. 

Mr. LaMontagne had over 25 years of experience with Sharples/Alfa Laval. As technical Manager, he was responsible for the process development of the PM and DS series of centrifuges and the ABC backdrive control logic used at hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in the US and abroad. He has completed startup and optimization on many of the P, PM, XM, DS series of decanter centrifuges made by Alfa Laval Sharples. He led the commercial development of the first large thickening centrifuges in wastewater treatment. Developed improved proprietary torque control and dry solids centrifuge design for Alfa Laval / Sharples the principles of which remain state of the art today.

Mr. LaMontagne left Alfa Laval in 2001 on friendly terms, and has been an independent consulting engineer ever since.

EDUCATION: BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Mass 

REGISTRATION: Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania




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Lead Author WEF Manuals of Practice, MOPII, Sixth edition Chapter 33, Dewatering. (2007 publication date) 

Lead Author WEF Manuals of Practice, MOPII, Sixth edition Chapter 29, Thickening. (2008 publication date)

Contributing Author, Upgrading and Retrofitting Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants (Manual of Practice No 28) WEF, 2005

Contributing Author, EPA Design Manual, Chapter 13, sub section on Dewatering Centrifuges, 2008 revision


WEF Professional Development Committee WEF Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee


Phone: 215-348-7879
Mobile: 267-252-3283