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An Affordable Video 
Inspection Camera

$499 puts video inspection 
clips on your laptop

A good engineered camera system can cost more then $3,000 dollars, but not here. The equipment that I have assembled will do a great job inspecting your centrifuges, or looking for the socket wrench that fell into the bottom of a full clarifier.

This system is a small submersible camera, with a built in lights. My price of $499 Includes the camera and the stuff to connect it to your laptop, which is all you really need.

The area were most problems occur in centrifuges is between the conveyor bearing and the feed zone. This camera allows you to not only inspect this area but also view the feed nozzles easily.

During a centrifuge inspection at the Chalfont- New Britain Wastewater plant, we found that the last six inches (or so) of the feed tube was missing. The missing piece of the feed tube had broken off and dropped into the centrifuge. The camera allowed the operator to guide a rod into the broken piece and lift it out in a few minutes.

Basic System

Submersible Video Camera ($295.00)

The camera assembly is a small brass cylinder 1.5" in diameter by 2" long with 8 built light emitting diodes. As delivered, it will pug directly into a video port found on most DVD players.

Technical Specifications:

1/3" CCD black and white image sensor, 512(Horizontal) x 492 (vertical) picture elements. Resolution 420 TV lines. Video output level 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm composite video.
Operating temperature, 0-1200 F
Included is a 9 volt/110VAC power supply, 60 ft power/video cable ending in a BCN-video plug included, as well as a BNC/Video adapter

USB Video Bus ($189.00)

This hardware and software allows you to view and record the inspection on your laptop. You will also be able to edit the video clip and e mail it. This requires windows 98 or better operating sustem. (also available for Mackintosh)

Fitting Adapter ($15.00)

The camera comes with a swivel, ending in a1/4"x20 threaded bolt. This adapter allows you to screw it to the standard thread on to a broom handle, or a painter's extension pole (supplied by you).



Aluminum Poles

Generally the cameral will be mounted on a pole of some sort. With the adapter we supply, you can screw it onto an inexpensive broom handle, or a painter's extension pole. Chances are you have something suitable at the plant. While effective, and OK for occasional use, a light weight telescoping pole is nice to have. The best I have found is a microphone boom pole. This is made to hold a microphone just out of camera range during a photo shoot. One nice feature (besides light weight) is they lock to any length.

Telescoping pole

These aerospace aluminum poles, adjustable to any length, and locking collars allow for easy tightening of each pole section. The shorter one extends from 32 to 105", the long one extends to 152"

Short $179
Long $236

Dedicated Video Display

I have looked at the displays available, and frankly they are cumbersome. I bought one, complete with carrying case, but frankly, it was expensive to buy, and cumbersome to use. Wall Mart and the electronic stores have portable DVD players with built in batteries which sell for less than $200. The $499 basic system should plug right into them. However, in the interests of one stop shopping, I offer the following:

Portable Monitor ($381)

5.6" diagonal full color screen, luminosity 270 cd/m2 , dot matrix 320 Horizontal, 240 vertical, Contrast ratio 80:1, 12V DC with battery and charger.


The respective manufacturers offer a limited warrant the camera for two years, and the monitors for 1 year.


We can usually get your order to you in two weeks or less. In an emergency, I can loan you the equipment I use, until your order is filled.

How to purchase:

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Phone: 215-348-7879
Mobile: 267-252-3283