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Peter LaMontagne is a consulting engineer who focuses his practice on decanter centrifuges and related systems. He trains operators, supervisors and maintenance persons to trouble shoot both process and mechanical problems. He is an expert on wastewater treatment, and the effect that plant operations has on the centrifuge operation. His experience in the chemical industry combined with his education give him a solid understanding of chemical and food related separations. He also offers the following services.

?                       Centrifuge brokerage

?                       Evaluation of the capabilities of new and used centrifuge

?                       Expert witness

?                       Consulting Support

Mr. LaMontagne is a Professional Engineer in the state of Pennsylvania (PE023712E). He holds active membership in the Water and Environment Federation. He continues to contribute numerous articles to the Water Environment & Technology journal, as well as presenting papers at national meetings. Mr. LaMontagne holds a BSChE from the University of Massachusetts.

Consulting Work:


? Each year, several sessions of the one day program Cost Effective Centrifugation is held for plants throughout North America.? Time permitting; there are occasionally regional programs, open to all.
? Classroom training, 6.5 hours.? Also an optional section, Hands On Optimization takes the operators through the actual optimization, providing immediate benefits to the centrifuge owners. There are similar programs available which focus on chemical applications, thickening slurries, and theoretical considerations.
? Process evaluation and equipment selection for various industrial plants.
? Process optimization for water and wastewater plants.
? Independent evaluation of existing and proposed equipment.
? Evaluation of contract disputes

Industries served:

Municipal wastewater, Potable water, Industrial wastewater, Food waste, recycling, Nuclear fuels, and Chemical processing.

Consulting Support

When considering new centrifuge, the manufacturers throw up an enormous cloud of conflicting claims and warnings.? I can cut through this BS, and tell you what the underlying issues are, and provide assurance that you are getting what you paid for.

During the commissioning of new centrifuges, disputes may arise between the various parties. It becomes very difficult to sort out the self-serving claims of manufacturers and others, to get to the heart of the problems. For twenty five years, I have started up multimillion dollar dewatering and thickening installations, often coming in to straighten problem jobs. I can support your commissioning by analyzing the root cause of the problems and determine how to fix them.

Process and Equipment Evaluation

Everybody is selling you something. I am only selling my time. I don't represent equipment dealers, repair shops, centrifuge manufacturers, or polymer vendors. I analyze your process and problem, and give you a straight evaluation. I also provide the names of industry specialists, giving you an alternative to the centrifuge manufacturer, should you choose.?

The Centrifuge School

This is a 6.5 hour intensive course for persons who have some experience with centrifuges. Ideally operators and supervisors should take the course because optimizing requires both parties to work together. The course covers all of the things the centrifuge manufacturer never told you about obtaining the best performance from you centrifuge, and lays out the way to achieve the lowest net operating cost. The course qualifies for water and wastewater certification credit in all states where I or my customers have applied (about 12 states)

Expert Witness

I have a superb technical knowledge and credentials in the field of separation in general, and centrifuges in particular. This technical knowledge has enabled me to become an Expert Witness. My experience teaching technical matters to others makes me an excellent Expert Witness.

Used Equipment Brokerage

It distresses me to see centrifuges sold for $5,000 to a wholesale dealer, who subsequently resells them for $50,000. Would you sell your house to a wholesaler? Of course not, you hire a real estate broker. I broker centrifuges. As with a real estate broker, I do all of the work, but get no money up front. You pay me a percentage of the selling price when the buyer's check clears the bank.

Industrial Applications

Chances are your plant was designed years ago, and no one really understands the centrifuge. Odds are, you have been suffering from problems related to changes in operation and need your centrifuge set up to be changed as well. Since I know the ABC's of centrifuge systems, I can help make those changes and eliminate or mitigate the problems.

Phone: 215-348-7879
Mobile: 267-252-3283